Feeling Hopeless

Letter: "I do not know why I’m writing this – it is so in contrast to me to surely experience ‘hopeless.’ I am a unmarried mother elevating teenaged boys. After my youngest turned into assaulted at the way to high school ultimate year, I cease a first rate activity in television to start my personal advertising and marketing/p.R. Commercial enterprise out of my domestic. I had two customers that, on the time, which enabled me to make extra than I had operating for the tv station. And then in March, one of the clients and I parted approaches. We had very extraordinary expectancies. Ultimately, we each had contrasting perspectives over what my position might be. That reduce my income in half.

I actually have attracted one new patron – but at a 3rd of what my former client paid. And now, I’m in debt (deeply). And now, I’m in debt (deeply), my account is overdrawn because my other great customer "got in the back of" and didn’t installed my automatic charge into my account till the day before today – and it takes 24-72 hours for it to show up (that they had advised me it became going to be installed closing Thursday)! My ex’s infant support is overdue and I don’t actually have sufficient money to pay for groceries until the cash shows up. I’m terrified that checks will leap and I’ll be left with nothing.

I can not sleep. My belly is in knots. I almost feel as if my children would be better off with their dad. He’s thoroughly off and will find the money for to present them the whole thing I can’t.

I do not know the way to get out of this poverty mentality. I do not know why I have such feelings of lack in relation to my price range. Tomorrow I actually have a assembly with a ability patron and I can not even attention on placing collectively a presentation for him. It’s as though I already know that he might not need to paintings with me, not to mention PAY me. I get so up for matters, I even have such incredible expectancies after which the whole lot falls flat.

In ALL other regions of my existence, I’m doing nicely. My children are remarkable – precise hearts, immediately-A students, superb athletes. I don’t have weight problems.
I do not have troubles with my relationships with the opposite intercourse. It’s simply that MONEY appears to be slipping out of my draw close.

Quite truely, I do trust that money buys a fair quantity of happiness. At least for me, understanding what I’ve long gone through those past years, it’d buy some peace of mind. And that is what I want. Freedom and peace of mind. To pass wherein I need. To do what I need. To FEEL how I want to feel.

Can you assist me get out of this negative spiral?"
A Reader

Rebecca’s reply:

"Dear Reader,

Thanks so much for writing. And I desire you are feeling better. YEP. I’ve been there some instances. I can consider days when all I may want to do became stroll around the house announcing, ‘I just need to experience exact’ time and again. Eventually, I did begin to feel higher. Now, feeling properly is my dominant feeling.

Actually, you’re an remarkable ‘attractor’–observe what you’re telling yourself about money and then observe how you are attracting greater of the identical.

If I were training you, I could ask you to take a chunk of paper, and draw a big letter T on it. Then label the left column “I don’t need” and the proper hand column, ‘”I do need”.

First make a listing of the entirety you don’t want. Just use the letter you sent to me and write down stuff like:

I don’t need clients paying me overdue.
I don’t want cheap customers who can’t come up with the money for to pay what I’m really worth.
I don’t want infant help bills to be past due.
Get all the negatives OUT of yourself and onto paper.

Then go through each item, and ask your self, “If I don’t need this, what do I want?” and write down what you DO want within the proper hand column.

When you’ve written a ‘Do Want’ for each item on the left, FOLD THE PAPER down the center so that you are searching on the ‘Do Want’ listing. Keep that list in front of you always. Start to assume what it would experience like having customers who JOYFULLY pay on your services. How exquisite it’s far whilst the Child Support exams arrive a day early! Work at keeping your FOCUS on what you DO WANT. If you start to suppose or communicate approximately something at the ‘Don’t Want’ facet, simply say, “I’ve dealt with that, AND what I DO want is…”

The T-device is the BEST Law of Attraction Tool for getting readability! And once you have clarity, what you need IS on its manner to you.